Released: Transas Pilot PRO 2.4.0


What's new:

  • General Performance and Technological Improvements, including:

Extension of the ‘e-Nav’ subscription:

    • VTS ARPA targets support (IMO Circ.289 format)
    • AIS Routing support, reception of the AIS target routes in IMO Circ. 289 and enhanced STM S2S Route exchange formats
  • More settings for S-57/S-63 ENC chart layer management
  • New ‘Navigational Danger’ alarm
  • NMEA Trace logger for the technical support
  • Increased installation speed for S-57/S-63 ENC
  • Improvements for Import & Export of the user data
  • Advanced track export into GPX/KML/KMZ format
  • iOS11 improvements
  • Bug Fixing

Stay tuned for more developments and write to us on Facebook about the new features!

Released: Transas Pilot PRO 2.3.0


What's new:

  • S-57/S-63 ENC Chart format support
    • Charts installation via e-mail attachments or iTunes
    • S-63 ENC User Permit and cell permits management
    • Annual Pilot S-63 Service subscription option added
    • Integrated ENC Chart Layer management
    • Non-encrypted S-57 ENC installation support
    • S-63 chart engine operates only on 64-bit iPads
  • Cartographic generalization and autoloading have been improved
  • Tides and Currents database update
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

Released: Transas Pilot PRO 2.2.0


What's new:

  • We have optimized the structure of the Navigational panels: now three main panels, Docking, Monitoring and Targets, are displayed permanently, while the the secondary panels, Planning Tools, Environmental Data (Optional) and a new Messages panel, can be switched on / off by the operator.
  • AIS Messaging Functionality

The AIS Text Messages functionality can be enabled in the Sensors / Connection Settings menu and will be displayed as one of the secondary panels.
Now you can send and receive AIS Messages through AIS Pilot Plug connection and onboard AIS Class A transponder. The following message types are supported:

  • Addressed Normal text
  • Broadcasted Normal text
  • Addressed Safety Related text
  • Broadcasted Safety Related text

Additionally, a new notification has been added to the Alarms settings menu: Incoming Text Message.
The message history is available for the last 50 received and transmitted messages.
To start sending AIS Messages use AIS Target Info window or simply tap Send Message icon in the top right corner.
We have also added Advanced TCP settings in the Connection settings menu. However, we recommend to keep default values for outgoing messages and use Advanced TCP settings only for troubleshooting purposes (depending on the AIS Wi-Fi Pilot Plug type).

  • Now it is possible to use different XTD values for the Route Portside and Starboard side limits. Check new controls in the Route Waypoints menu.
  • New *.RTZ 1.0 (IEC61174 ECDIS, Annex S) and 2.0 (available for the Ship Traffic Management project) format route export is added.
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.

 We wish you a safe pilotage!

Transas Pilot PRO for Royal Dirkzwager


Transas supplied 18 Pilot PRO licenses to Royal Dirkzwager, the recognized Dutch company that has been providing the maritime industry with up-to-date vessel traffic information and high quality port and pilotage services since 1872. For many years Royal Dirkzwager´s deep-sea pilots have been present on board offshore oil & gas platforms, pipe and cable laying barges and survey-vessels, serving as VTS pilots. These experienced pilots navigate the English Channel and North Sea on a daily basis on all types of vessels.

Martijn van der Vliet, Manager operations Offshore & Pilotage Services at Royal Dirkzwager, comments: “We as Royal Dirkzwager serve many vessels on their passage through the English Channel and the North Sea by means of our Deep Sea Pilots. For their navigational assistance they have to rely on a professional and user-friendly program during their passage in one of the busiest waters of the world. In Transas Pilot PRO we have found such a navigational aid to assist our pilots around the clock during their passages in these waters.” He also added that so far the initial feedback from the company pilots has been very positive: the Pilot PRO is very easy to operate, charts are very easy to install and update, while the route planning and the practical implementation of the planned route of the program is very user-friendly.“


Transas Pilot PRO ver 2.1.6 Released


The new Transas Pilot PRO chart server has been launched. Therefore, it is compulsory to update your current Pilot PRO up to Version 2.1.6.

Chart correction updates for any chart folios previously purchased will now only be possible for Transas Pilot PRO Version 2.1.6 and higher.

What's New in Version 2.1.6:

• Advanced Data Logging and Playback Functionality.

Check the 'Data Recording' setting in the 'Sensors' menu. Activate Track recording in the Monitoring panel, as previously done.

This functionality allows for the recording and sharing of the following track data between Pilot PRO users::

- NAV: Position, Speed, Course, Heading, ROT, AIS Targets, Data Sources.
- Monitored Route.
- Alarms & Settings.

The full-scale Playback mode is accessible from the Advanced Track 'Info' submenu.

• New setting in the 'Sensors' menu: DR for Targets.

This setting allows using Dead Reckoning for received AIS targets

• New setting in the ‘Sensors’ menu: Calculated COG & SOG.

This setting allows using Calculated COG & SOG based on the LAT & LON changes.
It is recommended to employ this setting when using Navicom Dynamics ChannelPilot during low speed operations.

• New *.RTZ format route import added.

• Display of A-B-C-D parameters for GPS position and Conning Station of the ship in the 'Ship Dimensions' menu.

• The New Ship 'Reset Settings' allows for the resetting of the following parameters:

· LAT, LON & HDG Offset.
· Ship Dimensions set to the default value (Length: 100m, Beam: 20m)
· GPS Reference Point X-Y: 0 meters

These will be saved by Pilot PRO after the previous pilotage.

After the ship dimensions have been reset, they should be set automatically (via 'Get Dimensions from AIS') or manually.

А new pop-up 'Ship Reset' warning will appear when the Pilot PRO MMSI number has been changed.

Attention: This function doesn’t work in the ‘Virtual Boarding’ mode.

• Automatic setting of ship dimensions during Navicom Dynamics ChannelPilot sensor calibration (VDM5 input).

• Own ship dimensions (Length & Beam, in meters) can be adjusted with decimals.

• Short Distance Units Threshold setting. The user can set a threshold for working with small distances.

• Display of the JHOD Permit # 282511 when Japanese charts are loaded.

• It is now possible to restore chart folios purchased earlier for which the chart update service has expired.

• New icon and new AIS-type of objects added: e-Nav objects.

Transas Pilot PRO can now process Tidal window messages, VDM FI:32 (IMO Circ.289).

The tidal window message should be used to inform vessels about tidal windows that allow for safe passage or a fairway.

• Minor bug fixing


Transas and Navicom Dynamics announce partnership


Transas and Navicom Dynamics have announced a strategic partnering agreement which will see the integration of Navicom’s portable pilot navigation sensors with the Transas Pilot PRO software for customers using iPad display systems.

Transas Pilot PRO is an iPad-based PPU software. It features a number of functions such as Docking Mode, Ship Manoeuvring Predictor, Fender Lines and Auto Distances, meeting points along a route for AIS Targets, multi-sensor connection, Meteorological data, Tides and Currents, monthly updated iTX-97 vector charts, and many more. Combined with the portable pilot units from the Navicom, Transas Pilot PRO will provide pilots around the world with the tools for safe and efficient pilotage and other on-board operations.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Navicom Dynamics specialises in precision position and orientation monitoring systems for maritime pilots. Navicom’s product line includes: HarbourPilot Triton - a full-function portable pilot unit fully independent of ship’s systems which offers exceptional accuracy in complex manoeuvres; ChannelPilot - a portable pilot unit which offers independent positioning, ROT, heading and AIS reception for channel navigation and some restricted manoeuvers; and GyroPilot - an AIS-based portable pilot unit which adds ROT and smoothed HDG to pilot plug data, with GPS fall-back. 
“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Transas, who we feel complement our business operations very well. Our partnership with Transas will play an important role in increasing safety and efficiency for ports globally, and we look forward to working closely together,” said John Tamis, Chairman of Navicom Dynamics.

Frank Coles, Chief Executive of Transas, said: “The combination of Pilot PRO software and Navicom’s hardware creates the optimal package for pilots worldwide. Transas has always been committed to safety and delivering comprehensive solutions. I believe that we now have the right partner to complete the product offering.”


Transas Pilot PRO. Release 2.1.0


What's New:

  • The Swedish language user interface
  • AIS Targets Rendezvous Points (RDV) on a selected route, including the manually adjustable STG value (Speed-To-Go)

It is now possible to see Rendezvous Points (RDV) on a selected route for up to 8 selected AIS targets. Double tap an AIS target to engage the RDV function. The colored cross symbol is used to display the RDV point on the monitored route for the selected target. To activate the STG control (Speed-To-Go) function open the RDV page of the Target Table.

  • Sensor Multi-Connection. Simultaneous connection to the following different data sources:
  • Wi-Fi sensors (AIS Pilot Pug or Independent Pilot Sensor)
  • Onshore Meteo server
  • Onshore AIS Data feed

Selection of the data type for the any specified connection.

  • E-Navigation feature: AIS Meteo Data (Option), including:
  • Processing of AIS Meteo Data messages: VDM Message 8, FI:11 and FI:31 (IMO Circ. 289)
  • Meteo Conning Display
  • Multi-unit support for meteo data
  • Processing of AIS Tidal Window messages: VDM6, FI:32 (IMO Circ. 289)

This data can be obtained through the Pilot Plug (AIS VHF) of by connecting to shore-based stations by means of the TCP/IP Internet connection.

  • Processing of received Addressed AIS Safety Related Messages (VDM Message 12)
  • New Safety Contour parameter in the ‘Chart Settings’ menu.
  • Indication of the Battery Status for the Navicom Dynamics GyroPilot sensor
  • Length of the Speed Vector – up to 60 minutes
  • CPA / TCPA calculation for a specified cursor position
  • New multi-unit for the Ownship and Target Speed: m/s (meters per second)
  • New chart pallete: Day / Dusk / Night
  • Improvements in the ‘ Auto Distance Lines’ functionality. Now auto distance lines can detect the following chart objects: Buoys, Beacons and ignore the following AIS target types: Tug, Port Tender, Pilot Boat.
  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements

Pilot Pro version 2.1.2 released


What's New:

  • STG / PTA calculation

Calculation of the Speed-To-Go and the Predicted Time of Arrival. This functionality makes it possible to calculate the time of arrival to a given waypoint using the manualy input speed value (or vice versa). The feature can be useful for navigators and pilots to predict the precise time of arrival to the berth or the pilot boarding place, or to calculate the speed to keep up to arrive to the exact set time of arrival.

  •  Alarm for AIS Rendezvous points

This alarm (specified in minutes) indicates the time of meeting a selected AIS target located along the ownship route.

  • Virtual Boarding function

 This feature allows for temporary estimation of the navigational situation from the point of view of another vessel (i.e. AIS target). This helps preventing possible dangerous situation when navigating in narrow waters/fairways: speed of the ownship can be reduced or a special course change maneuver can be performed in advance, if there is such need.

  •  Navy Red Night skin

NOTE: We strongly recommend all the users to upgrade to the upcoming version of the Pilot PRO, since starting from this release we are switching to a new chart server. This means you will NOT be able to receive chart updates if you stay with the previous version.


Transas Marine participates at the UKMPA 2015


Transas Marine will present its solutions for pilots at the UK Marine Pilot Association (UKMPA) conference, taking place in London on 4th & 5th November 2015.

Transas will display the Transas Pilot PRO chart plotter and the recently launched T-Mapper desktop chart conversion & editing application.

The latest release of the iPad version of Transas Pilot PRO features new functionalities such as AIS Target Table, allowing for quick real-time filtering and search between hundreds of AIS targets, AIS Targets Meeting Points, including graphical presentation of CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and BCR (Bow Crossing Range) points and the Tidal Widget for a selected tidal reference point. Secured AIS feed over Internet allows integration with the Transas Vessel Traffic System in order to receive real-time AIS targets in defined areas. In addition the Pilot PRO's user interface now supports Portuguese language. The T-Mapper software is a powerful tool for prompt multi-format chart editing of a selected port area, which supports ENC, bENC and Transas TX-97 chart formats.

The T-Mapper, allows port hydrographers to alter chart object information based on notices provided by local HO's between official chart releases and share this data with the Transas Pilot PRO users. The Transas Pilot PRO and the T-Mapper significantly improve efficiency of pilotage and other onboard operations and are used by many regional professional pilot associations.


Transas Pilot PRO presented at the EMPA'2015


Transas participated in the 49th European Maritime Pilot Association General Meeting

Transas Marine, for the first time, participated in the EMPA'2015 conference held in Estoril (Portugal) during April 14-18.

Transas presented its Transas Pilot PRO PPU software together with the NTPRO simulator. We saw a growing interest in our product from European pilots and their representatives, especially from France, Portugal, Romania, Malta, Poland and other countries as well.

We are looking forward to new business opportunities with different pilot associations, including ROSMORPORT (Russian Federation).


Transas Pilot PRO. Release 2.0.4


Compared to the previous Transas Pilot PRO version 2.0.3:

Important information! A new Transas Pilot PRO chart server has been launched. Chart correction updates for all the chart folios purchased earlier are possible only for Transas Pilot PRO ver. 2.0.3 and higher version. It’s compulsory to update your current Pilot PRO up to the version 2.0.4!

• ‘Ship Settings’ menu: 
- Ownship Headline: OFF, By COG, By HDG
- Show Own Ship vectors: OFF, COG, HDG, HDG & COG

• Extended Multi Language support: 
- English
- Danish
- German
- Spanish
- French
- Italian
- Korean
- Russian
- Simplified Chinese 

• ‘Ship Dimensions’ menu: 
Independent setting for the Conning Station position, which is now the main reference point in the Pilot PRO application. All the mathematics and calculations are referenced to the Conning Reference Point (CRP) instead of the GPS position point. Its applicable for the all data like: BTW, DTW, XTD, Own Ship ERBL, COG-SOG vector.

Additionally added:

- New simplified Waypoint symbol
- New ‘Dangerous Depth’ indication method (bold soundings with a specific red color). 
- Tide & Currents: negative values for the ‘Minimal Chart Depth’ parameter

… and some other improvements and bug fixing


Transas Pilot PRO. Release 2.0.3


Compared to the previous Transas Pilot PRO version 2.0.2:

• ‘Docking Mode’ layout: more convenient access to the Docking Mode via page panel. Optimized interface for operation in the ‘hidden’ mode
• ‘Conning Display’ mode: full-scale Conning Display for mooring and berthing, integrated with the ‘Distance Lines’ functionality
• Integration with the Navicom Dynamics ‘ChannelPilot MkII’ sensor (battery status and sensor calibration command, which can be initiated via own ship AIS Data window)
• ‘Internet AIS Service’: real time map view of ships via global AIS Internet Service. This is a 1-year subscription option (Require internet availability)
• ‘Weather Service’: global coverage real time Weather Forecast. Different weather parameters are supported (Wind Speed & Direction, Pressure, Wave Height, Precipitations). This is a 1-year or monthly subscription option (Require internet availability)
• ‘Tides & Tidal Currents’ functionality. The tides calculation in Pilot PRO is performed on the base of four Main harmonics as well as shallow water corrections. The calculation process is based on Simplified Harmonic Method of Tidal Predictions that can be found in different publications, for example Admiralty Tide Tables. This is a 1-year subscription.

In addition:

- New in the ‘Chart Settings’ menu: ‘Show Light Sectors’: ON/OFF
- New in the ‘Ship Settings’ menu: ‘Own Ship MMSI’. This setting will be used for filtering of the own ship AIS target received via ‘Internet AIS Service’ or from independent AIS receiver (like in the ‘ChannelPilot MkII’ sensor)
- Minor bug fixes, including 'Export' function

… and some other features and improvements

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