How to install Transas Pilot PRO

1). Attention: Your iPad device should be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and to the power supply unit.

  • Open the App Store:



  • Find the Transas Pilot PRO App:


  • Install the Transas Pilot PRO application on the device using your own Apple ID Login and Password.

AppStore 2

Important: Installation is free, check that your correct iTunes account (Apple ID) is active on the device. Apple ID Password may be requested.

Press OK button.

Run the “Transas Pilot PRO” app. You will see following windows during the first start:

TPP Start

Enter your Pilot PRO Login and Password, provided by the Transas company. Please, be noted that access to Transas Pilot PRO app is only available for registered Transas users! Tap ‘Activate’ button. Internet connection is require for the activation procedure!

NOTE: Please, remember that 'Login & Password' at this step are not the same as your Apple ID Login and Password! 

  • First Start-up will be terminated if Transas Pilot PRO “Login & Password” are not correct and doesn’t correspond to the user account:

login 1

  • Tap “Allow”  to enable the “Apple iOS Location Services” for the Transas Pilot PRO app. This is compulsory for operation with the iPad built-in GPS or compatible external Bluetooth GPS receiver!

Location Services

  • Swipe right-left tips pages or close this window using “Done” button.


  • Transas Pilot PRO main screen on iPad after the first start.

First start