Wärtsilä Pilot PRO is a result of our engineers’ expertise, intensive market analysis and cooperation with pilots.

The Wärtsilä Pilot PRO App has been developed to meet the needs of pilot organizations and marine professionals. During development, Wärtsilä worked closely with representatives of pilot associations from various countries to create a product for efficient pilotage and other onboard operations. Bad visibility and weather conditions, unknown ship equipment, or blackouts…These are just some of the many challenges pilots meet and tackle in their everyday work. One of the driving forces behind the Wärtsilä Pilot PRO is to provide a simple, efficient and reliable solution when one needs to act quickly.

Why to choose Pilot PRO

  • Plug & Play kit with easy system setup
  • User-friendly interface to reduce stress
  • Pilot specific functions for professional daily work
  • Connection to AIS or external pilot sensors via Wi-Fi
  • Pilot “wireless freedom” on the bridge and wings
  • Long battery lifecycle for tablets
  • Compact size
  • Light weight

Pilot PRO professional functions

Charts and Updates

  • Vector TX-97 chart format. Chart folios are produced from official S-57 data or paper charts
  • TX-97 chart updates: monthly renewal of the ordered chart folio (-s)
  • Charts are updated directly to iPad with Pilot Pro bypassing the iTunes software 
  • Day, dusk, night chart palette modes
  • Chart 'Info' functionality


Connection to external sensors can be performed:

  • Via AIS Wi-Fi Pilot Plug device to the AIS Transponder Class A
  • Via Wi-Fi interface to external independent pilot sensors: NMEA GPS, ROT & HDG Sensors 
  • Via Bluetooth interface to a compatible GPS/GNSS receiver for backup positioning purposes
  • Using internal iPad GPS receiver for backup purposes (only iPad with GPS and 3G/LTE/Cellular)

Note: precisely calculated ROT is also available (based on the incoming Heading data)

Pilot Specific Features

Different pilot specific features are available:

  • Docking mode: operational and hidden modes
  • Ownship predictor: by ship contours or outlined
  • Speed vectors: resulting COG or fore'n'aft speed vectors
  • Fender Lines. Auto distances to fender lines, AIS and chart objects
  • AIS Targets: meeting points and rendezvous points
  • Conning display for mooring operations

Route Management

Route Management functions:

  • Real-time route monitoring: XTD, BTW, DTW
  • Real-time schedule calculations by SOG: TTG, ETA
  • Real-time navigational alarms: out of XTD, approach to WP, etc.
  • Route planning and editing modes, including geometry, radiuses and XTD limits
  • Pre-calculated schedule information
  • Route sharing: import and export

Standard Tools

Standard Tools include:

  • Own-ship and point-to-point ERBL
  • Chart orientation modes: North Up, COG Up, Head Up, Route Up
  • AIS target data, AIS target table
  • Multi-language and multi-unit support
  • Alarms and MOB function

Planning Tools

Planning Tools includes:

  • Route Planning and Editing
  • User Objects (Manual Correction) management
  • Recorded Track Management
  • Fender Lines Management
  • Data sharing between Pilot PRO users

Environmental Data

  • Online weather forecast data: wind, wave, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, combined parameters. Offline mode
  • Tidal reference points: High / Low waters, graphical diagram, UKC zones, tidal widget
  • Tidal currents

e-Navigation Features

  • Multi-connection to different sensors and data sources
  • Secured AIS data feed from Transas VTS
  • AIS meteo data from local sensors

New features coming soon

Pilot PRO video

About Transas

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